This is too good of a story not to share.

Saturday, December 29, 2008, I was in Umstead Park with my daughter, setting up flags for the next orienteering event (January 4th, 2009).

We were in the Southern section of the park, probably about 400m NE of Reedy Creek Lake. That area has a number of ruins (houses that got torn down when Umstead Park was created, probably around 1930).

As I was walking around, trying to understand where on the map was the ruin next to me, I felt something painful in my shoe. When I looked at my sole, I found out the cause:

The infamous nail

This nail, probably several decades old (judging by the awkward shape) managed to pierce through the sole of my trail running shoe and break the skin a little bit (about 2 millimeters). Click on the image for a larger view.

I did get to spend an hour in urgent care the next morning, in order to get the tetanus shot (who thought I should have the date of my last immunization for tetanus engraved in my brain).

The scale below the nail is in inches.

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