Mud Run

Today I ran my first first 5K mud run. I was part of a 4-person co-ed team from the Raleigh Trail Runners meetup group.

The obstacles were numerous and challenging, but we all had a blast. It is definitely not your typical 5K run. The run itself was actually the easy part. I am very curious how long it took us to finish the course, I know the start time but none of us paid attention to the finish time. Results will probably be posted over the next few days.

20 of the 32 obstacles were featured in these short video clips on YouTube before the race, but there were some surprises (like obstacle 21, The Weaver, where you had to go over a log and under the next one (for a total of probably 16 logs) without touching the ground. This Google Map has a description of all obstacles and links to the video clips above.

Damage: $32.50 (not bad at all for a race!), a scraped and bumped knee, a few minor scratches in addition to a rather large one (most of them from The Weaver).

For the low-end cost of the race, the race was incredibly well organized. Building that course must have been a huge volunteer effort.

One thought on “Mud Run

  1. Stephane Daniel

    Having done numerous mud/obstacle races, by far the best one! Also can’t beat the fact that it was local instead of driving say 4 hours to a very popular mud run in Columbia, SC that attracts 14,000 runners. Our finish time by the way was 1 hr, 15 minutes to play 46th out of 80 teams!

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