January 25th orienteering

Another fun event with Backwoods OK. Great turnout (partly due to my friend Marty Wesley bringing a group of 30 that courageously adventured on the orange course, despite the low temperatures.
Vladimir added a 1km leg (which is *long* in orienteering terms, for a course 7.1km total, with 15 controls on top of start/finish). I happened to run that leg with no problem, but I did do some mistakes early on. The time splits will tell the whole story when they get published.

As usual, 35°F (almost 2°C) doesn’t mean much as soon as you start running, but it was a great feat for Vladimir, Tanya and Michael to man the start/finish shelter the whole time.

The maps printed at Kinko’s worked great too, I could not tell the difference from the ones BOK produces in general (using a special paper and printer) until I looked at them side by side.

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