Dinner in Vienna

Flying back from Romania, we had a one-night layover in Vienna, Austria, and we spent the evening sightseeing.

Here is the dinner-on-the-run we got from a supermarket (we wanted to use the daylight for pictures, so we chose to eat at the hotel instead of a restaurant in the city).

The Limburger was not “ripe” yet (i.e. it was still firm; as with the Camembert, if you let it outside for a few hours, it will become soft and spreadable – and extremely smelly). Off the supermarket shelves, one only gets a hint of how rotten it will become.

In the train that was taking us back to the hotel, every time I was opening by backpack, I was afraid the HAZMAT unit will show up and throw us out.

The cheese strudel was pretty good too, but it had no good story behind it.

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