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“We know your vehicle best”, dealership says.

Recommended tire pressure in my wife’s Honda Fit: 32 PSI.

Actual tire pressure, almost 2 months after the car was at the dealership where they rotated tires and adjusted pressure, with no intervention from me ever since: 40, 32, 35, 37 PSI. Measured at cold (not driven for a day).

Given that we’ve seen the tires slowly lose pressure in her vehicle (dropping from 32 to 25 in about a month, thus triggering the onboard sensor several times in the past), makes me wonder how much air they’ve put on Feb 16th.

Autopark Honda, I’m watching you.

Buyers beware

For Cristian’s birthday party we got a cake from BJ’s. We usually pay attention to the ingredients, but not this time, since we got cakes from them before and they were better than the ones we found in other grocery stores.

A friend’s kid got hives and they suspect it was related to one of the ingredients. Looking on the list of ingredients: about 65, out of which only 9 look remotely natural. Ethanol? (Ok, that’s ethilic alcohol, used to make everything else soluble, and maybe natural). Propylene Glycol? That’s antifreeze. Aluminium Sulfate? Titanium Dioxide? High fructose corn syrup? Hidrogenated oils?

That’s pretty scary. From this point on I will try not to buy cakes with frosting that turns your tongue blue.