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What I’ve been up to

It’s been a while since my last post, so here’s what’s been going on.

  •  Very busy working on Conary (though still not making progress fast enough through my issues list).
  • Speaking of that, I’ve reached the respectable 6 months with rPath.
  • Moved over the weekend.
  • Packaged gnucash 2.1.0 – and hit some guile issues in the process. Hopefully will finish tomorrow.
  • Does “April 17th” tell you something?
  • Before moving, a bunch of repairs made – that was all my spare time went.
  • Ran an orienteering event at the Schenck forest (and I missed a bunch of controls). Got to cross a 20-ish-ft river over a rotten log 3 times before the heavy rain started. I was completely soaked when I finished. But it was fun.
  • Did not run as much lately because of my evenings being “a different workout”.

gnucash 2.0.2 for Foresight

Yesterday I finally got around to transfer the recipes from my private Conary repository into the branch. Everything is now built, you should be able to use the above label to try out the newer gnucash.

Some of the intricacies included:

  • newer guile and slib packages conflict with umb-scheme. You’ll have to get rid of umb-scheme.
  • gnome-games needed to be recopiled against the newer guile.
  • guile and slib are pretty evil to compile, I had to use tag handlers. You have to start somewhere :-)
  • I have split the HBCI support into a different package, gnucash-hbci. The reason for that was the extra dependency on aqbanking which was pulling in the KDE libraries.
    This extra package would allow you to do online banking with Gnucash, if your bank supports the OFX protocol (and most do, except that you will not get that information from the bank). Follow this link to learn more than you wanted to know about the mess.

Happy managing of your financials! :-)