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Christmas Tree Weekend

One weekend with lots of alcohol.

First, Todd graciously threw a farewell party for him and me (mine being way overdue since I left Red Hat more than 2 months ago). I think everybody had a great time. Thanks Todd!

Then, on Saturday I went and got a Christmas tree, and we decorated it yesterday. Saturday afternoon we were invited to some friends, and that was another alcohol-laden evening.

The same friends told us about Disney on Ice. Being princess-themed, it almost meant mandatory presence. Cristian being only 2 years and 7 months old, we decided it will be only me and Ioana that would attend.

I couldn’t quite understand why the RBC center had to charge for parking when you already pay for the ticket, but then again that’s how the entertainment industry works, I guess. A bag of cotton candy was $10, just because it had a princess/prince crown with Mickey Mouse ears that couldn’t be adjusted for size – so most kids were wearing it as a neck gaiter.

The show was pretty impressive though. I’ve never seen a live performance on ice, and I was impressed with the quality of their artists – they must be competitive figure skaters turned pro. My daughter had a blast, especially when the dragon to be slain by the prince threw flames on the ice (more alcohol, I suppose – my weekend’s theme).

They even had miniature fireworks at the end.