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Abulafia is no more

Before you jump at me and say “dude, you’re a bit late, Abulafia died more than 7 centuries ago”, breathe, drink a glass of water, and read on.

I so happened to name my workstation with the same name used by Umberto Eco for the word processor of one of his characters in Foucault’s Pendulum. I guess I could have come up with something better. Anyway.

Friday was my last day at Red Hat. As I was about to reinstall my machines, I noticed that Abulafia’s uptime is 99 days. Too bad.

I am taking this week off to play “the home dad” (to some extent since both kids are in school), finish some long-standing home improvement projects, most likely get a new LCD monitor since my 5 years old ViewSonic 17″ CRT is slowly dying apparently, and trying to relax before I get on a new adventure.