And the Oscar goes to…

After today’s World Cup Final, I am even more committed to boycott Soccer (or Football for the other 99.9% of the nations out there) by not watching it.

Too much acting. Too much cheating.

Imagine this discussion with your child (and no, it didn’t happen to mine, but I am sure it could):

“Daddy, who is Cristiano Ronaldo?”

“He’s this very famous player that earns millions per year.”

“Wow, he is really good. Look at his skills. The other team can only stop him with fouls, see? Look at the replay, you see how they… Oh, wait… They didn’t even touch him. He just fell off his feet and the other guy got red carded.”

“Well, you see, sometimes they play a little bit of acting,  you know, to improve their odds…”

“But isn’t that cheating?”

“It is, but…”

“So why do I get punished if I cheat at my test, or I am called out for plagiarizing, but they get away with it? And they have no shame that everybody will see the replay, and realize how crooked they are? Including the referees who got fooled for a second, and will get (rightfully) stonewalled after the game? And why is FIFA’s slogan ‘Fair Play’? Is it really fair to cheat?”

I am not original, I read some of these opinions on other sites. I am sure a lot of people feel the same. I am just wasting zeros and ones here.

Spain deserved to win, they were the better team (although I must admit I did not watch the whole game). Netherlands did not deserve the silver medal, after all the theatricals they played. No matter how talented Robben is, I lost all respect for him the moment he fell off his feet and claimed a penalty kick or whatever he was claiming when he was booked.

I am sure that, 4 years from now, I will forget all this, and I will waste other 90-minute chunks of my life. And I will again feel sorry for that. If FIFA does nothing to make the game what it used to be, I am afraid the game is doomed.

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